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2016: The Brightest and the Dimmest

By Richard Hébert
Herewith, my nominees for the smartest/brightest beings of the past year and the not-so-bright/dimmest.

Let’s begin with the smartest: Inky
If you missed it, Inky has won international acclaim as the octopus who refused to live in a tank. You can read his amazing story here. In brief, this is from the Washington Post report:
Inky the octopus didn’t even try to cover his tracks….

And now for the dimmest, dumbest of the year:
Republican Voters

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Jonetta Rose Barras to be Inducted into the Hall of Fame

CBS News White House correspondent Bill Plante, longtime New Yorker magazine Washington reporter Elizabeth Drew, and freelancer and former Washington Post columnist Jonetta Rose Barras will be inducted to the Hall of Fame of the D.C. Pro Chapter, Society of Professional Journalists, June 14, 2016.

BUILDING FAMILY: A Moderated Conversation–June 11, 2016

How do we retain or build family after a divorce? What is family in this 21st Century? Is it still the most important structure in our society?

These are questions that will be answered during Building Family: A Moderated Conversation presented by The Fatherless Daughter Reconciliation Project, a division of Esther Productions, Inc. on June 11, 2016. For more information call 202-829-0591 or write esterproductionsinc@gmail.com

Igniting Economic Development in Ward 7

By Jonetta Rose Barras

With each local election for the past decade residents in Ward 7 have loudly demanded economic development. Yet according to Paul Savage, a long-time community leader, the top two candidates in the June 14 Democratic primary election for the DC Council – incumbent Yvette Alexander and challenger and former mayor Vincent C. Gray – “have done very little to provide leadership to get economic development in Ward 7.”

Bernie Sanders: Quintessentially American

By Richard Hébert

Sen. Bernie Sanders is no “fringe” candidate. To dismiss him as such is to ignore America’s history. It is replete with social upheavals, rebellion, revolution and, yes, even “socialism.” Sanders is quintessentially American.

When the founders drafted our Constitution, they wrote that they wished “to form a more perfect Union…(for) ourselves and our Posterity….”

The Sanders campaign is but a further step forward in pursuit of that “more perfect union,” nothing more, nothing less.