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WHILE I think what Donald J. Trump said was absolutely repulsive, he did accurately describe a certian type of woman: the one who forgets herself in the face of celebrity and sees her body as a commodity to exchanged for access and proximity.

I remember many years ago I was at San Francisco State University when Gil Scott Heron appeared as a guest speaker. I was there with two other young women–one of whom was so taken by the poet/musician that she blurted out she :wanted to give him some.” I was not amused and chided her that getting “p___y” was the least difficult thing for Heron to get at that moment

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Healing Fatherless Girls and Women

Each day, tens of thousands of young girls and women struggle with the affects of father absence. They may have lost the first man in their lives because of death. Most often, however, the culprit is divorce or separation; their father and mother never married. Whatever the cause, the results can be devastating.

Many of these fatherless girls and women grappled with hidden or unexpressed grief. All too often their pain has been allowed to simmer, frequently misdirecting their lives. It can transform into rage and anger that morphs into violent behavior perpetrated against themselves or others. Their father absence pain can also send them on an endless search for love in all the wrong places, leading to teen or unplanned pregnancies. Sometimes these girls and women overcompensate. Other times, their pain may prompt them to reach for various substances that provide temporary relief but lead to a destructive, downward spiral of abuse.

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FOR years, I thought my anger was normal, a consequence of my community organizing and my absolute dissatisfaction with the way poor people were treated by their government. In reality, I used my job and that righteous indignation to mask my pain. I didn’t understand that until I began looking at the relationship between boys and fathers, and came to know that as a girl/ woman, I also needed the guidance and love of daddy. That epiphany led me to write “Whatever Happened To Daddy’s Little Girl? The Impact of Fatherlessness on Black Women. ” My healing began. Now I have created THE GIFT to help others like me who have suffered a traumatic loss. Join me Oct. 15, 2016 to begin your healing.

Park Southern Tenants’ Hard Road to Victory

ON the surface the changes at the Park Southern in Ward 8 may seem like a win. Tenants haven’t reached nirvana, however. That may be years away. Some resident leaders have raised questions about whether the agreement with Vesta was properly executed. They also claim they had already selected NHP Foundation, which specializes in affordable housing, as their developer partner. They suggest that Vesta may have gotten the inside track because of its relationship with DHCD. Buckner vehemently denied those allegations.

Memoir Tells Story of Whites Involvement in Black Empowerment

The White Guy in the Room: A Political Memoir, released June 16, 2016, is a timely book that charts the personal, racial and political transformation of Douglas J. Patton who rose from pre-civil rights era farm boy to become a legend in local and national politics.

As the 2016 election cycle gears-up for a raucous conclusion, comes this memoir of a man who, through guile, impeccable timing, and sheer good luck, became a Washington insider and key player in one of the most significant events of the civil rights movement. He was also architect of winning strategies of many modern political campaigns for African-American candidates.